Hungarian videographers and motion graphics artists

Many scientists say that if the earth’s temperature increases by more than one degree Celsius, extreme weather conditions will be a regular occurrence. The film shows that unattractive future and some of the reasons for it.

Festival screenings, presentations:
Haida Gwaii Film Festival (Canada)
Independent Days - Low- and No-Budget Film Festival (Germany)
Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (Slovenia)
European Short Film Festival – Guido Carletti Prize (Italy)
Out of Focus Film Festival (Greece)
The Living Climate Change – Video Exhibition
Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival (Italy)
Pannonfíling Film Festival (Hungary)
STEPS International Rights Film Festival (Ukraine)
Museu da Pedra (Portugal)
Planet Earth Lisbon (Portugal)
Golden Eye Festival (Hungary)
11. International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers (Greece)
Nature Film Club (Hungary)
48th Golden Knight Malta International Short Film Festival (Malta)
Die 24 Stunden von Nürnberg (Germany)
Intervideo Nachwuchspreis (Germany)
Scenecs Central Dutch Film Festival (Netherlands)
2. International Thermaikos Film Festival (Greece)
Kinofest International Digital Film Festival (Romania)
Cine Eco - International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Portugal)
Global Cinema Film Festival (India)
Shorts Non Stop Short Film Festival (
5. Muuuvi International Short Film Festival (Romania)
International Film Festival of Patras City (Greece)
5. National Nature Film Festival Pusztaszer (Hungary)
Ekotopfilm – 36th International Film Festival of Sustainable Development Films (Slovakia)
Slow Film Festival (Hungary)
13. International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Nature Film Festival (Poland)
BuSho – Budapest Short Film Festival (Hungary)
Envirofilm - 15th International Environmental Film Festival (Slovakia)
37. Festival der Nationen (Austria)
7. Cinemadamare Film Festival (Italy)
Porto 7 International Short Films Festival (Portugal)
Rodos International Film and Visual Arts Festival (Greece)
Environmental Film Festival of Accra (Ghana)
5. International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany)
6. Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)
5. Göcsej Film Festival (Hungary)
5. Vas County Film Festival (Hungary)
Mediawave Film and Music Festival (Hungary)
Global Warming Photo and Short Film Competition (Hungary)


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