Hungarian videographers and motion graphics artists

Making wedding movies since 2004, I always wanted to get the chance to film a jewish wedding, finding their traditions very particular. The opportunity came October 2012, when Atara & Eran put their trust into our team to cover their entire wedding.
The ceremony took place in a quite small synagogue, built in the courtyard of an old mansion. When we have scout the place prior the wedding, we got to learn that this ceremony would not only be different from others because of the religion, but there won't be or hardly will be any place to move and change angles during shooting. This was because the core of ceremony was held in a little 2x3 meter podium called bima, where beside the couple 2 rabbis took place, and guests were constantly invited to participate at some points. This meant that we always had 4 to 7 people getting pressed on 6 sq.meters, and on top of that all guests were surrounding the bima, leaving no corridors to move.
We could only change that by either intruding dramatically into the setup, hence being the spectacle of the day what don't wanted to be, or by increasing the number of cameras. We choose the second one and we ended with 6(!) cameras to be able to cover well the full ceremony for the long edit and to have epic shots for the highlights clip. I believe it worth the efforts.
The edit is not really in our style as we usually have more dynamic edits and we are keen on using the most atmospheric sound as possible with less loose-jaw possible, but I like the result, was a very interesting and challenging job to fulfill Atara & Eran's expectations.


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