We visit Tucson, AZ and artist Adan de la Garza's exhibit "Steal My Art!"

Directed and Edited by Bryce Myhre
Hosted by Danny Martin
Featuring Adan de la Garza

From the Tucson Weekly, July 9, 2009:

Adan De La Garza hasn't had much luck selling his art.

"If people are interested in my work," he says in an e-mail, "they don't want to pay for it. I hear a lot of, 'I like it, but I just wouldn't want it in my house.' Which is fine, because I don't see many drapes that match my art."

The problem is, he's moving to Colorado for grad school in about a month, and he doesn't want to take his archive with him. He'd rather have people take his works for free, and he'd rather have his art displayed somewhere other than his room, even if he doesn't make any money off it.

"It's amazing how interested people are once they think they can get something for free," he says. And so, the Steal My Art exhibit was born.

Guests at the event will be able to actually rip his work off of the walls and take it home—if he doesn't catch you. That sets up an interesting dynamic, "because you'll have me trying to prevent it and encourage it at the same time," he explains.

De La Garza believes that the event will let people interact with the art in a way that isn't sterile or stagnant, as galleries often can be. "I wanted to provide a chance for people to interact with the art, but think on their toes at the same time," he says.

The event, which De La Garza calls "an exploration through the archives of unsellable work and failed ideas," will feature a collection of photographs, screenprints, zines and other work spanning the last six years. The event (and whatever you can grab) is free, but remember—think fast!

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