Iceland HD

This is footage from a couple of dives I did in a crevice in Iceland in July of 2012, called Silfra.

Silfra is located in the Þingvellir National Park, which is about an hour's drive from Reykjavik. The water is COLD - (about 4 degrees on my dives) - and the visibility almost gives you vertigo it's so good. The water is so extraordinarily clear (and drinkable) as it is said to have melted 50-100 years ago from glaciers 50km away and has been filtered through lava fields over all of that time.

Incredibly, Silfra marks where the plates of the American and Eurasian continents meet (and drift apart by 2cm per year).

If you are a passionate diver, this needs to be on your bucket list. I dived with - who I would highly recommend.

Filmed on a GoPro 2 with SnakeRiver Prototyping lens. It's on my bucket list to go back to Silfra with a better underwater camera - a lot of this footage is pretty wobbly, as you'll see (you know what it's like trying to keep a GoPro steady).


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