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Parental Advisory: Some of the following images contain graphic content (Suggestive violence and simulated blood/injuries ) and may not be suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Spec Animated Short Synopsis:
Michonne Katana - The Walking Dead Black Animation Net Tribute is a story treatment honoring one of the series' most intriguing lead actresses, Danai Gurira. This animated short entitled “Read the Signs” chronicles Michonne's quest of rediscovery. In this journey, Michonne leaves the prison compound and travels solo to look for survivors from a catastrophic bridge collapse that happened 3 years previously. She is haunted by the memory of several survivors in a convoy trying to escape a nearby city at the height of a zombie outbreak plunging from a collapsed bridge to what should have unquestionably been certain death. Yet, a certain aspect of her residual nightmares won't let her rest on that premise, alone. There is an unseen connection that haunts her. She goes back to read the signs.

Short Story Treatment (Spec) by John Kennedy McCray copyright 2014

j vimeo.com/85933311

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