Ideas and Inspiration

Created to inspired by Enzo Angilletta: -

"Connected Ideas at TEDxAmsterdamED" is a tribute to individuals helping spread the ideas.

Lodewijk Asscher
Melanie Burnett
Allison van Dams
Stan Putman
Matthijs Leenderts
Neil D'Souza
Jesse Boere
Maja Mischke
Karim Amrani
Claire Boonstra
Homan Karimi
Peter Mulder
Saskia Maas
Andre Wierdsma
Arne Gast

All talks were extracted from TEDx Amsterdam Education in Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam, September 27, 2012

I was not paid to create this video, I did this out of my passion to create and inspire. If your footage was used in this film and you were not contacted, please reach out to me with any concerns or extra credit requests.


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