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There are three main drivers around Branded Entertainment in Colombia:
1.In or country, Branded content is still very virgin. Every brand that has tried to create or influence any content around an existing TV show, looks fake and not credible. There is always the feeling that whatever is done, it still looks more a commercial approach than a creative and relevant one. That is because almost all the times, the relationship between client+Media agency+media is based on transactional interests more than creative ones.
2. The most often process when a channel wants to build an alliance with a brand, is over an existing content, which becomes the main reason why all of these approaches look fake. Most of the times the channel team has already decided a content and then look for sponsors. Having the client and the channel creative team deciding which is the best content to have and client paying half of the total cost of the production, has never been done.
3. Beer has restrictions to have any traditional TV advertising presence in prime time which pushes the brands to look for new opportunities to promote the Brand values more than just the product itself.

For years, Aguila, the #1 beer brand in Colombia, had built an icon: Chicas Aguila: 4 gorgeous girls which changed every year, almost stars and a symbol of joy and Colombian culture.
But over the years they lose their momentum and fame. Other priorities made Chicas Aguila loose their protagonic role in building the key brand´s values. Colombians were NOT feeling connected with them. Even worst. it was hard to convince beautiful girls to be one Chica Aguila.
How could we bring them back to life, spike the conversation around them, and more importantly, how to do it in 3 months before Aguila´s 100 year’s anniversary?
For the first time ever, Aguila convinced the channel Caracol TV, and together decided to bring and co-produce Colombia´s Next Top Model, the #1 beauty show in the World. The prize: become one of the 4 Chicas Aguila 2013. This successful franchise never done before in our country, was the perfect excuse to boost the image of Chicas Aguila.
For the first time, globally, the show was not in cable tv, but in public TV, prime time and co-produced by a brand. The challenge was to integrate Aguila to the content in a credible way. Knowing all the restrictions of an alcoholic beverage, the show had to be unbranded so each challenge the girls had to overcome pointed to seed Aguila´s attributes: charisma, joy, soccer and Colombian cultural values which helped to bring this sophisticated global franchise into a closer approach to the culture.
The female judge and show anchor where former Chicas Águila years ago, they were actually amongst the most famous ones, so the link to the brand was immediate.
People had the power to choose their favorite Chica Aguila by voting on-line and later on interact with them.

Beauty pageants, Miss Colombia and everything around beauty is culturally celebrated by Colombians. Beauty is a strong conversation driver but there hasn't been any strong marketing action around beauty, that has given people the power to interact and participate. Participation, respect for women and cultural relevance made Colombians engage with the content. At the beginning the audience was criticizing the girls, criticizing the show and criticizing the brand. It was haters Vs. lovers. But as each episode passed, and as people voted, the engagement became stronger. All the negative comments and buzz gave power and strengthen the engagement later

For the first time ever in Colombia
1. A Brand was Coproducing. NOT just doing regular product placement.
2. There was a content initiative in PRIMETIME.
3. Alcohol restrictions in TV became an opportunity of credibility.
4. The image and respect of 4 girls was changed in just 3 months with more than 7.5 million votes. The most participative and interactive marketing action in Colombian history.
5. Colombia´s Next Top Model became the #1 show achieving 11.7 rating, 20% more than its main competitor.
6. The four girls have been invited to the 3 main cultural events in 2013.
- Barranquilla´s carnival where 1.5 million assistants where moved by Chicas Aguila 2013 fever.
- At Colombian Telethon, Chicas Aguila where invited to participate and ask Colombians to donate.
- Chicas Aguila were the center of attention at 2014 world cup qualifying matches.
At those three main events it was demonstrated that the image and aspirational values of these four girls where turned upside-down transforming them in real brand icons again.

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