I Love Climbing

Yet again I caught some less than ideal weather, but tried to make the most of it. The mornings seem to always be foggy and misty, but as the day wears on the weather improves a good bit. Really enjoy this boulderfield and the scenery!

Periscope (Flash): V4 0:08
Ranger Rick Sit (Flash): V4 1:15
True Grit (Flash): V5 2:08
Lynch Mob (Second Go): V7 2:52
Tech-Tonic: V6 3:40
Palisade: V8 4:45
Full Contact (Flash): V4 5:43
Strength in Numbers (Flash): V5 6:30
Man Child (Second Go): V6 7:46
Frisky Monkey (Second Go): V6 8:36
Star Chaser Arete: V5 9:50

j vimeo.com/77160166

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