Imagineer Systems

As one of the lead animators, I helped create animations for several tracks performed on the arena tour and which was filmed in 3D for a feature release in 2013.

These are sections of content for the 12x Rolldrop screens, created from a 6200px wide composition, to accompany the track 'One'. I was responsible for; keying around 20x green screen rushes of soldiers shot on a travelator; compositing these as silhouettes and timing them walking across no-man's land; artworking scenery and animating smoke passes. I was also asked to create additional animations based on Pushead's artwork. I photoshopped a selection and composited/animated these on headless versions of the soldiers which I tracked in Mocha before arranging in a transitional scene with land mine explosions.

Main Credits:
Production Company: ML Studio
Creative Director - Marcus Lyall
Producer - Mark Logue
Show Director - Marcia Kapustin
Production Design - Dan Braun

Credits for 'One':
Director - Damian Hale
3D - Sergio Calderon, Joel Harrison
After Effects - Jun Iwakawa, Aislinn Clifford, Gareth Layney


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