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Teenaged Laura leaves home to start a new life with her French-Canadian crush, leaving her little sis Kate to cover for her—and deal with her own feelings of abandonment. Both are thus initiated into an adult world where happiness comes at the cost of innocence.

C‘est un nouveau départ pour Laura, une adolescente anglophone qui s’apprête à quitter sa famille et à refaire sa vie avec son amoureux francophone. Elle force alors sa jeune sœur, Kate, à mentir pour elle et à faire l’expérience douloureuse de l’abandon. Toutes deux sont ainsi initiées au monde des adultes, un monde où le bonheur n’est atteint qu’au prix de l’innocence.

12:00 min / 35mm

GOLD MEDAL - Brno16 International Short Film Festival / Czech Republic / 2006
Special mention - Oberhausen International Short Film Festival / Germany / 2006
Belle Gueule Jury Award for best actress to Amber Bernard - Prends ça court! / Montréal / 2006

Screened at 33 international film festivals including the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) and the Toronto International Film Festvial (TIFF).

Director / Producer: David Uloth
Screenwriter: Louise Pelletier
Co-Producers: Cynthia Laroche & Chloé Cinq-Mars
Sure Shot Productions Inc.
Cinematographer: Alexandre Bussière
Production Designer: Olivier Laberge
Sound Recordist: Bruno Pucella
Editor: David Uloth
Sound Designer: Jean-Sébastien Durocher
Music Composed by: bell orchestre, Stéphane Vaucher, Charles Aznavour & The Disciples of Ursula Big Band [DUBB]
Production Lab: Vision Globale, Montreal
Distributor: Locomotion Distribution /

Kate: Amber Bernard
Laura: Kaila Magnone
Jean-François: Maxime Beauregard-Martin
Kate's Friend: Katy Lavery-Breier

This film was made with the financial participation of:

La SODEC - Société de développement des entreprises culturelles-Québec
Bravo!FACT - a division of CHUM Limited
The National Film Board of Canada’s Filmmakers Assistance Program
Main Film’s Production Support Program

You can also watch a shorter version of the film here:

We shot this film during a heatwave in August in Montréal. It was above 40 Celcius ( >104 Fahrenheit) at one point and we had to take a break because our young actresses were getting heatstroke! We also lost an expensive fog-machine out of the back of one of our production trucks, but that's another story... Shot with swing-shift lenses, an Arri 535 package and Kodak 35mm short ends. Distribution prints on Fuji stock.


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