The Best Indie Filmmakers

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Learn to make music videos with that big budget look but that cost little or no money. These comprehensive filmmaking tutorials cover everything from the concept development, pre-production, storyboarding and equipment choices to the actual filming, editing and special FX. There is over 5 hours of exclusive content! It is a great tool for any filmmaker or a musician who wants to make music videos by themselves.

The host Tom Antos is an accomplished film and music video director with over twelve years of experience and several awards to his name. His YouTube filmmaking tutorials have a large international following. In this series of tutorials you will see step-by-step how he created three music videos that played on TV networks across the world.

Disc Contents

2.Concept (coming up with ideas based on the budget you have)
3.Location and Props
4.Actors and Costumes
5.Equipment (pro lights vs DIY lights, camera support, filters, camera and lenses)
6.Last Minute Preparations (talent release forms, schedules, getting the song ready for playback,etc)
7.Before You Roll (things to do at the start of your shoot day, camera settings, etc.)
8.Camera Movement (low budget ways to add production value through different dynamic camera moves)
9.Cinematography (detailed lighting and shot composition setups)
10.Practical In Camera Effects
11.Setting Up Your Editing Project
13.VFX (Special Effects done in Adobe After Effect and Maya 3D
14.Color Correction
15.Final Output (rendering settings for broadcast, youtube, etc)
16.Conclusion (how to get work as a director and more)
PLUS EXTRAS: Color Presets, Lighting Diagrams and Talent Release Forms


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