The Best Indie Filmmakers


(Approximately 2 min, 1997)

Featured on "John Safrans Music Jamboree" DVD extras.

Director, Ant Keogh: "This film was the first 8mm film I made for the Melbourne White Gloves Festival (around 1996), a kind of competition where films are strictly edited "in camera".... Every cut is decided by the cameraman. Every shot is done in sequence. One roll of film."

"You shoot for a weekend, hand in your roll of film and the cast and crew don't see the film until it's projected on the night with 20 or so other films. It was great fun. Great test of pre-visualisation skills. I used to story board extensively. (A real hassle to do intercepting between shots because you have to physically travel crew and camera to achieve a cross-cutting effect.)"

Shot on a 1960s era vintage Beauliou 8mm camera.

AK: "I tightened this film up a little in about 1999. But really I think I would have trimmed only about 10% of cuts."

Budget: Approximately $100 !!!

Stars John Safran and Marcus Seal
Directed and written by Ant Keogh & Richard Muntz


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