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The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour is a minor miracle of sorts. This ambitious, epic, ultra low-budget film began as a kernel, a hiccup; on August 18, it will premiere as a feature film at Philadelphia's International House Theater.

The production was bolstered by donations and various kinds of support, and has been a true independent effort. Early buzz has been off the charts and a bright road is ahead. Lensed in rural and urban Uttar Pradesh India, Montreal, Northern California, New York City and other locations, the film tells the story of Max Plugin, a jaded but flamboyantly irreverent relic of the 1960s. In his teens, Max ran away to California, where he met Teschlock, a charismatic ascetic and guru renowned among a small group of young followers. When Teschlock asked Max to join him and his disciples on an ashram in India, Max declined and returned home. Now, forty years later, at age 57, Max takes a Castaneda-esque journey to India to find Teschlock’s grave-site, and also himself.

Directed by Daniel Kremer, and co-written by Kremer and lead actor William Cully Allen, this film is both a deeply personal story as well as an elegy to films such as Five Easy Pieces, Scarecrow, The Rain People, Your Three Minutes Are Up, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Two-Lane Blacktop.

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