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„Rope!“ is a 2.5D Rope ´n´Run for up to 4 players.

Players can use their ropes to move, swing and puzzle through a paradoxically flat galaxy. They compete while collecting goodies but are also forced to work together to solve all the problems in their way.

The storymode allows two players to obtain the roles of a nameless robot and a flower who escaped from their workingplace in the factories of the THP Company to a small planet called eden.
There they can live in peace and harmony OR decide that this is all boring and start a relationship questioning journey to their own origin.
With more than 2 players you best start the „King of Rope“ mode, in which you race through ladders of stars, satellites and asteroids until only one player is left and can truly call himself „King of Rope!“


The game has been created by MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology students. The production has started in early 2011, concept art has been produced from end of 2010 until now.


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