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The top favorited art submissions from 2012 on . This list was compiled by manually sorting the art on 2012-12-27. See below for more detailed information and submission page links.

2D Art:

[LPC] Medieval fantasy character sprites by wulax 0:05 (40 favs) CC-BY-SA3

Lots of free 2d tiles and sprites by Hyptosis 0:13 (34 favs) CC-BY3

Castle Platformer by Jetrel 0:13 (32 favs) CC0

3D Art:

Ring Set - Precious Metals by Clint Bellanger 0:29 (14 favs) CC-BY3

Rigged, textured mage by thecubber 0:34 (14 favs) CC-BY-SA3

Health and Mana Potion by Clint Bellanger 0:39 (22 favs) CC-BY3


12 Medieval Signs by eleazzaar 0:44 (14 favs) CC-BY3

Urban Jungle by KNau 0:49 (12 favs) CC0

Metal+Stone Textures by Spiney 0:54 (13 favs) CC-BY3


Dark Descent by matthew.pablo 0:00 (14 favs) CC-BY3

Mystical Theme by Alexandr Zhelanov 0:21 (14 favs) CC-BY3

Generic 8-bit JRPG Soundtrack by avgvst 0:34 (15 favs) CC-BY3

Sound Effects:

UI Sound Effects Pack by ViRiX 0:44 (7 favs) CC-BY3

51 UI sound effects (buttons, switches and clicks) by Kenney 0:49 (9 favs) CC-BY3

Sci-fi Freak Out Ambiance by Socapex 0:54 (3 favs) CC-BY-SA3

Font used: URW Gothic L Semi-Bold 0:00 0:59

Sara Mascot by Mandi Paugh 0:00 0:59 CC-BY-SA

CC Logo by CC 1:04 CC-BY

The KDEnlive video editor sources are available at:


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