Independent Filmmakers

Here it is the sequel of The Lucky Ones
The movie begins where it ended the last time i lost a star and fell through a deep black hole and by ignoring these pains i was drinking , dancing whatever helped me to forget my lucky star.
The next day i wake up on 31st May and search in my old box from my old school memories and luckily i found a coin and it's not a usual coin it's from the 20th Century very precious. I fell in love with it metaphorically speaking we spend the summer together which was timeless and unforgettable. But i had to leave the country for business had to leave summer and the coin. It was the hardest time ever it nearly took me a month to finally see it. But something changed inside me when i arrived back at home i had doubts about our relationship which never occured before. My head was a ticking timebomb i cheated on it cause it gave me sweet nothing. In the end i finally decided to leave the coin and turn down the value of the coin but it will always be a part of me.
Perhaps some won't understand but that's fine.
It's dedicated to Hypernova (Worth more than any penny)


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