Independent Filmmakers

Another great project commissioned by Aldeburgh music. All of the shots were done using the Sony NEX-FS100 with the E18-200mm and E16mm lens. It was edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5 with the colour grading and a few other effects added using After Effects CS5.5.


Composer Richard Baker and Sound Artist Brian Duffy are both fascinated by games and here collaborate on a new work exploring the hidden voices of electronic toys and toy instruments in combination with a small chamber ensemble.

Faster than Sound is a groundbreaking strand of programming that joins the dots between musical genres and digital art forms. Giving artists the rare chance to have time and space to develop new work, Faster than Sound places a strong emphasis on emerging technologies and original ideas.

Faster than Sound is produced by Aldeburgh Music, and continues a long tradition at Aldeburgh of giving artists the opportunity to experiment and work in new ways.

For more information about Faster than Sound; visit our website.


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