Independent Filmmakers

Artist: Baba (Nasser Sanou)
Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Amit Kehar
Musical Production: J.Hennessy
Painter: Nania Sergi
Producers: J.Hennessy, Amit Kehar & Nasser Sanou


In today's modern world of hip-hop, the obsession of personal fame and wealth have stymied a large portion of mainstream content. Potentially, this has eroded the spirit of the soulful ebb and flow of hip-hip from the early 1970's and jazz/blues of years earlier. The essence of Shine In My Life is to inspire and channel hope through a poetic and colourful set of lyrics. The words and images (in the video) coalesce to create a symbolic collage that reflects the perils that humankind faces each and every day. The core of the song establishes the disharmony that exists, but encourages people in the world to challenge themselves to better their lives for their future.


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