Independent Filmmakers

A girl's nightmares begin to follow her into reality

This was done for SUNY Oswego's 48 hour horror film competition. We completed it the weekend of October 4th - 6th. We strictly had 48 hours to plan shoot and edit the entire piece. It was disqualified from competition because it was not exported by 6pm on the second day, but it was still screened. There were 4 creative requirements, rack focus, line of dialogue "Oh no not you again", a squeaky toy as a prop, and a rocking chair sound effect.

Written By: Madelaine Buckley
Photography/Post Production: Sam Moores

Canon t3i {on tripod dolly}
Zoom h4n
Avid Media Composer 6.5
Lowell Three light kit - Fresnel Pro as lone Key Light, Tota as lone Key Light also
I didn't use any gels on my lights, all the INT tints were done in color correction.


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