Independent Filmmakers

When it rains is a short film about a womans struggle to deal with a cheating husband who is doing it right in front of her.

this film was shot on two canon 5d mark ii cameras and a panasonic hmc 150 camera.

this film was slated to be a longer film and with time passing by i cut this short version that in the end we decied to go with. this short is in the works to being written as a feature film.

the film is shot in central new jersey.

daniel p. matejka
elicia banks gabriel
lisa sheremet

jason nappi - writer, director and camera operator and editor.
tim ryan fernandez - camera operator.
kareem bazali - production assistant and camera operator 3
skyler batzel - hair and make up.
allison cullen - production assistant and behind the scenes camera.
randy memoli - production assistant.

music by - peter rudenko

produced by blue plams entertainment


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