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•Plot Summary•

Having tremendously suffered by visits of demons and ghosts, a powerful yet lonely young man tries to face his own fears, but unlike everyone else's, his demons seem to have come into being...


Έχοντας υποφέρει από "επισκέψεις" δαιμόνων και φαντασμάτων, ένας μαχητικός αλλά μοναχικός νεαρός άνδρας προσπαθεί να αντιμετωπίσει τους δικούς του φόβους. Σε αντίθεση όμως με τους υπόλοιπους ανθρώπους, οι δικοί του δαίμονες και φοβίες φαίνεται να έχουν πάρει σάρκα και οστά...


Directors: Nondas Sapidis, Kostas Vasoglou
Writers: Kostas Vasoglou
Camera/Post-Production: Nondas Sapidis (follow @nonsap)
Visual & Sound FX: Nondas Sapidis
Sound Engineers: Kosmas Chiolos
Music Composers: Polis Paschalidis
Make-up Artists: Nellie Sapidou (follow @nellyhallowitch)
Produced by Une Frape Productions (follow @weareufp)


Official Sites:
Country: Greece
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 27/1/2011
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Drama

•Technical Specs•

Runtime: 57min
Αspect Ratio: 2.11:1
Camera: Panasonic AGHMC151
Budget: €100

(Music artists heard in order of appearance)

Afformance, Misuse, Bios, Mary and the Boy, Infidelity

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CHAINFREE-Independent Network of Cinematographers

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