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Steve sucks at getting a girl. He needs help. Lots of help...
Shot Down is a sadistic look at how much we put ourselves through to get the person we love to fall in love with us...

Running time - 70 mins

A film 4 years in the making! Very much inspired by Robert Rodriguez's "Rebel without a crew".

Shot in 11 days on panasonic HVX 202 with Carl Ziess Prime Lenses and a P+S Adapter with a budget of just under $5000.

For more info on how this movie was made visit Monica's blog:

If you're interested in showing this film somewhere drop me a message :)


Samuel O'Donnell
Renee Hodson
Glenn Millanta
Emma Hughes

Director of Photography : Peggy Yabevula
Production Supervisor : Annette Sicari
Production Assistant : Sam Allen, Luyanda Ntuli, Allan Stoddart, Daniel Sieff (
Location Audio Engineer : Ned Jeffery
Mixed at Cielo Entertainment Studios
Mix Engineer : Joshua Nickel
Mastered at Blackbourn Mastering (
Mastering Engineer : Phil Blackbourn

Featuring music from
1969 -
Joshua Nickel -
Lukas -


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