Indie Filmmakers

This is a short film of our recent interactions with Mark Wiener. Brought to you by the Roger Smith Hotel and Panman Productions.
Crossing Narratives
"Millions of feet mark the city streets every day - people, likely unaware of their actions...
Responding to this as an observer, I create the works I call Crossing Narratives" - Mark Wiener, 2009

Mark Wiener (b. New York City, 1951) studied under Bauhaus influences at Philadelphia College of Art, where he focused on painting and photography. Driven by visionaries Alexi Brodivitch, Frank Zachry and Alexander Lieberman, he developed an open mind toward working in simultaneously in several disciplines.

Devoting his first years to photography and photojournalism, Wiener, based upon observation of Irving Penn’s process, conceived of an approach to painting he calls, “the white surface” - an acting out of a “visual story” during the creation of the work - which became and remains a driving force, alongside the Bauhaus ideal of the underlying structure in concert with natural spontaneity. In Wiener’s latest works it is manifest as his organic gesture of throwing, dripping and pouring paint, orchestrated between drawing and painting layers of geometric objects.


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