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Bali the island of thousands motorcycles and motorbikes.

Every house on Bali has its own temple, but also one or more motorbikes/motorcycles. Parking places are packed with them. Officially everyone has to wear a helmet and just two sitting normal on a bike. But for Balinese these rules don’t seem to count. So many accidents happen with bad injuries and even deadly results. Specially for foreigners not used to left driving its very dangerous too. May be most Balinese families have just two children because of transportation reasons plus all extra luggage such as: bags of cements, drinks, big bushel of grass, pigs, fish, doormats, small restaurant, long bamboo pole, etc. But above all it becomes also a part of identity for its rider. Many Balinese have all the same first name and no family name. So Ketut is the one who drives a red Honda!

This is another mini documentary by:
Photographer/ Videographer/ Editor
Jan van der Meer
(Loved and survived two month Bali on a beauty rented Honda!)

Camera 1: Sanyo Xacti HD1010 for still photography and video in 1280x720 30fps
Camera 2: Sony FX1000 with special smooth slow recordings
Editing: in HD 1280x720 on Sony Vegas 9
Music: Composition Spirit of Hope by Herman Steyn


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