Indie Filmmakers


Under the scorching sunshine in a barren desert, a car is capsized. Four people have lain down, while the tyres are burning and a thick smoke is spiraling up the sky.
Some unknown people, equipped with stealthy monitoring systems are investigating them via satellite cameras.
Suddenly, the alarms start wailing, indicating four people are still alive. The command center immediately dispatches some motor riders with warfare equipment to attack on them.

Directed & Film Editing by : Behrouz Bagheri
Stunt Coordinators: Raha Stunt Team
Assistant Director : Emad Akhoundan
Director of Photography : Sajjad Saadat
Cameraman : Saber Vanaki
Starring : Farzin Bagheri , Yousef Rafeei, Danial Nazeri , Iman Bagheri , Mohammad Ariyan
Sound Designer & Music Editor : Peyman Vahedi
Producer : Raha Stunt Team


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