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Photographed with Canon EOS M and the Canon EF 17-40 f/4L lens mounted on tripod at SML Universe Limited (Hong Kong). Imported into Premiere Pro and sped up 1000%. In the middle you will see a ship hurry quickly by. There is a long version for this also but no one really have the time to look at 10 min of “artsy” video so hereby sped up ten times to 53 sec total.

Soundtrack composed using the iPad app Orphion (playing live). First exported as m4a in-app, then imported into Ableton Live 8 to manually wrap points. Added some Lexicon reverb and then mastered using iZotope Ozone 5. The full-length 24-bit 48 kHz track can be downloaded on SML SoundCloud. See link below.

# SML Translate
+ 雲: clouds.
+ 蒸: steam; metaphor for rising slowly.
+ 霞: red cloud.
+ 蔚: lush, colorful.
+ 雲蒸霞蔚: Rich and luxuriant clouds rise slowly as steam from the horizon [1]. Metaphor for colorful scenery [2]. Describes things are booming [3].
+ 嘯: howl, roar, whistle, the sound from nature. [4]
+ 咤: scold, bellow, shout at, roar. [5]
+ 風: wind.
+ 雲: clouds.
+ 嘯咤風雲: Describes something as being powerful, as if the winds ands clouds are roaring.

# Notes
1. 漢典 ZDic: 雲蒸霞蔚:
2. 比喻絢麗多彩。清侯方域《新遷顏魯公碑記》:“獨斯碑者,雲蒸霞蔚,筆既斷而還連;鳳翥龍蟠,勢如斜而反正。” 劉白羽《紅瑪瑙集·長江三日》: “抬頭望處,已到巫山。上面陽光垂照下來,下面濃霧滾湧上去,雲蒸霞蔚,頗為壯觀。”參見“ 雲興霞蔚”。[1]
3. 形容事物蓬勃興起,蔚為大觀。清顏光敏《顏氏家藏尺牘·馮溥》:“且海內人文,雲蒸霞蔚,鱗集京師,真千古盛事。” 清王韜《論日報漸行於中土》:“今日雲蒸霞蔚,持論蠭起,無一不為庶人之清議。” [1]
4. 漢典 ZDic: 嘯:
5. 漢典 ZDic: 咤:
6. 漢典 ZDic: 嘯咤風雲: 形容威力極大。同“叱吒風雲”。

# SML Photography

Series: 寧 Serenity
Camera: Canon EOS M
Lens:Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM
Video: H264 MP4, 1080x1920 (1080p HD portrait), 25fps, Progressive, 10 Mbps
Audio: AAC, 320 kbps, 48 kHz, Stereo
Length: 53 sec
Color: Color
Location: Sha Tin Hoi, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong SAR, China
Date: 2013-01-21 (recorded) 2013-01-21 (processed)
Photographer: See-ming Lee 李思明, SML Photography
Music: Orphion Ping Pong 005 / SML Music
Media Production: SML Universe
Copyright: 2013 See-ming Lee 李思明, SML Universe Limited
Serial: SML.20130121.EOSM.01542

# SML Music: Orphion Ping Pong / SML: Bits and Pieces (2012)
24-bit 48 kHz AIFF download:

The instruments we use changes the way we play. The track was recorded and played live directly on the iPad using Orphion’s “3rds Matrix” grid.

The natural position of my right hand touches A4 and A#4. The natural position of my left hand touches F4 and D4. By shifting my hands a note to the left and to the top right, I get RH: F4 F#4 LH: C#4 A#3 and then RH: A#4 B4 LH: F#4 D#4.
1L: D4 F4 1R: A4 A#4
2L: A#3 C#4 2R: F4 F#4
3L: D#4 F#4 3R: A#4 B4

I don't know what key this is in. I just play. And so while as a classically trained pianist I am conscious of the notes and key signature when I play on a conventional keyboard, Orphion’s seemingly illogical layout renders some nice experimental results which I enjoy.

I use the in-app recorder to record my live playing which I then email myself as an M4A file. The file is then placed into Ableton Live where I manually wrap my human-playing into something which sounds somewhat on time — though obviously the nice rubato are lost. I will work on getting something that is less machine like perhaps.

Then I layered some repeated tracks, and added some ping pong to the piece to give it some nuance together with some Lexicon reverb goodness. Mastered with Ozone 5 and voila.

24-bit 48 kHz AIFF download:

# Media Licensing
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CCBY) See-ming Lee 李思明 / SML Music / SML Photography / SML Universe Limited

“雲蒸霞蔚 嘯咤風雲” / 寧 Serenity / SML.20130121.EOSM.01542
/ #寧 #Serenity #SMLSerenity #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLMusic #SMLUniverse #SMLBW #SMLVideography
/ #山水 landscape #攝影 #摄影 #photography #海 #Sea #自然 #nature #山 #mountains #雲 #cloud #cloudscape #風 #wind #video #videography #1080p #HD
/ #中國 #中国 #China #香港 #HongKong #馬鞍山 #MaOnShan
/ #CanonEOSM #Canon1740 #Canon1740f4L SML:Projects=Serenity
/ #Orphion #music #soundcloud #soundtrack


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