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Alan lives in an apartment with John. One day Alan invites a friend home to watch some TV. Gary arrives at the apartment and to Alan's amusement John turns out to be Gary's missing father who apparently vanished six months ago.
Soon after this enlightenment Alan reveals his inner zombie...

Starring Gary Michael, Alan Patrick & John Dalgarno
Written by Steve Dunne
Produced by Steve Dunne & Gary Michael
Directed by Steve Dunne

'Our Best Friend's a Zombie!' is a zero budget proof-of-concept webseries that is a genre blend of comedy, drama and horror. The series examines the social reality of what a zombie really is; from insane flesh-eating (or is that fluffy white hair?) zombies & knife wielding psychos zombies to drunks & druggies; every character in OBFZ! knows, or think they know a zombie.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm lens, and a Zoom H1 recorder.
Editing and post-production with FCPX.

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