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Vvork test no.003 (Scarlet-X)

I met up with my friend Nara and we drove up to the woods above her house on a whim to see if we could catch the sun setting over Honolulu. A week later Andi, Nara and I wandered out to Waimanalo to catch the sunrise. I thought it would be fun to document the light and do some performance tests with the camera.

I corrected the footage in Redcine-x using RGB curves to match shots and set contrast. I didn't color grade the footage for this test because I wanted something that was closer to life. Shooting with available light can be limiting but a creative challenge. I love color but lately I've been trying to push dynamic range and balance tone.

The MX sensor does produce a lot more noise and isn't an ideal camera for low light. Shooting at 1000 ISO is a risk so I try to stay below that but it limits my options for depth of field. There were times when I had an ND on that I didn't need it which caused some noise. It's hard to save the shadow details, even with the RED, but I sometimes liked the noise on the RED vs the 5DM3 when it isn't clipping to bad and before it turns into RGB noise.

On the mountain the light was all but gone except for a few pockets where the light would fall down through the trees. We found a few dramatic spots. There were numerous shots but I tried to keep the cut short and usually find a visual narrative within any given scene but was preoccupied with the light more than anything else. For me it wasn't just about catching a great sunrise or dramatic landscape shot, but about finding the details around the event.

I've been digging the experimental music of Delia Derbyshire recently and love her track Air, most recently used in Enter the Void. The track here is a remix.

#Vvork test no.003/004

RED Scarlet MX


Graded Redcine-X

Nikon ais 24mm f2.0

Zeiss zf.2 50mm f1.4

Nikon ai 85mm f2.0

"Air vs. Nimbus"
Delia Derbyshire vs. Quiet American

Sympathy for the Liquor
Suff Daddy


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