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LACC Film Student. Just finished Introductory first semester production class. About 8hr shoot and 6hr before start of class frantic edit (just like term papers - old habits ehh). Two wonderful talents, one awesome "devil" woman AD/Crew, plus me with camera and no sense unexpectedly equals (my opinion, of course) a surprisingly (emphasis on Surprisingly) watchable student short.

The first song is Mi Unicornio Azul and its composed by Silvio Rodriguez. This version is arranged for the BMW short film "The Follow" (directed by Wong Kar Wai) by Jeff Rona and the singer is Cecilia Noel. The second song is "Shelcha" by Yael Naim, in her self-titled Album, which includes the oh-so famous, "New Soul," Apple promo song.

Technical Info:

Shot on Nikon D90 with Nikkor 50mm f1.4, Nikkor 70-300mm f4, the kit lens 18-105mm f3.5, and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. No MF lenses all AF. No post work just edit (FCP -converted to ProRes then cut then export via compressor) with Matt's D90 rescaler plug-in for stair-stepping. Was going to shoot on ZR900 but it got stolen so bought an unopened D90 from craigslist.

A tripod was used only on the moon, cityscape and the sunset over the beach. The rest of the shoot was hand held. I really don't know what the fuss is about with the jello cam. Only the train showed any slant and if you don't have Parkinsons' or dt's from withdraw just holding it steady is fine.

Locations were on Heliotrope Drive right in front of the student parking lot, the Metro station right under the school, Barnsdall Art Park on Hollywood Blvd, and Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica.

Would love any feedback. Thanks for lookin'.


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