POEM 05 - "WIND"
in three moving images.

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Alec L. Lambert

Created for INFLUENCE's Obstruction Assignment 004.

FOURTH “MEETING” OF INFLUENCE – 06.22.11 / 07.09.11 AD



Alec: Your film must consist of only three moving images.

Keep in your mind the words of Kenneth Anger,
“Let’s give our Western poets the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities offered by three lines,
by three brush strokes, and - for our film poets - by three images.
The result may well be surprising,”
(Modesty and the Art of Film, 1951).

Create a piece of visual poetry with only three moving images.
It can be three hours long, it can be three seconds long;
you can spend hours, you can spend minutes; shoot it on film, shoot it on a cameraphone;
anything, as long as it speaks to you.

Feel free to experiment. Relish the freedom of limitation.

Multiple submissions acceptable.

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