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- UPDATE: 4k Streaming Version -

RED EPIC DRAGON. Shot in 6k HD and rendered out to 4k UDH H264.

Thought I would do a quick test cutting a sequence with the Dragon in 6k. Shot using the Zeiss Otus 55mm wide open at 1.4. 450-800 ISO using window light only.

Camera settings were 6k HD (5568x3132) REDcode 13:1 base frame rate 25 recorded at 50 & 84fps.
Filming using 1 RedVolt :)

For reference It took about 25mins to render out a ProRes 4k UHD version that included a adjustment layer for using 3D LUTs for grading and sharpness. - MacBook Pro, Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014, 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB. Editing real time 6k at 1/4 resolution playback setting in Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.

Thanks to my wife Michelle for cooking a lovely Apple & Blackberry crumble :) never eaten so much sugar in one sitting, was very nice though & picked fresh from the hedge row this morning.

H264 bands a bit and macro-blocking a bit, 4k ProRes version is lovely, might upload a link for that. YouTube 4k UHD Version


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