NOTE* Some of the waterfalls in this video are incorrectly named.
In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, about 9 miles northeast of L'Anse is the Slate River. It contains 5 waterfalls 300 feet down a rock gorge on one side and a very steep embankment of old growth woods where nothing is in place with any sturdiness. I ran across many large fallen trees weighing 1000+ pounds that would start to slide down the hill if you touched them. I didn't want one of them rolling me over, so I went around them. There are no trails or paths, you're on your own.

The waterfalls are; State River Falls, Feltman Falls, Ecstasy Falls, Slide Falls and Kuckuk's Falls. I was able to photo and video the Slate Falls in June before I ended up being chased back out of the woods by ticks and mosquito's.

I returned in the fall time right after we had 4 straight days of rain. Trying on multiple occasions to find them from better angles, I was unable to descend down the gorge to the right location as the river really was too dangerous to climb next to it. I did see the second in the set (Feltman Falls) from a vantage point high up on the bluff, so now I knew where they started.

I returned the following weekend with a guess on the locations for the falls. The climb down was very dangerous with the loose undergrowth. I had to traverse back up the hill halfway a few times to get around tall rock faces to reach the rest of the falls.
As late in the season as it was, there were still lots of mosquito's and other bugs buzzing around.


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