Robert de Boron 3rd album 「ON THE RAINBOW」
2013.04.03 on iTunes / 2013.04.10 in stores

01. Time Machine
02. All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na
03. Home Pt.2 feat. Tunji
04. Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
05. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA and Maitreya
06. Visions feat. Thig Nat (from The Physics) & Mario Sweet
07. Saisei no Uta (Chiru)
08. A New Day feat. Sam Ock
09. interlude
10. Moving On feat. The Antidotes
11. Fly Away feat Native Sun
12. Sunny Days feat. AMP
13. On The Rainbow feat. Badil & MO
14. How Do you Sleep?

Film Editing & Robert de Boron Part Shot by Shiida Kimihiro
Magnetic North & Taiyo Na Part Shot by Davidian Shaw

More about Magnetic North & Taiyo Na


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