Music video for the song "Consequences" performed by THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE
Out now on 12"LP via Throatruiner Records, Black Lake Records & Dingleberry Records and on CD via Swarm of Nails.
Free download & stream at

Made by Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert


Huge thanks to Vince, Baptiste, Mathieu, Ihintza, François, Gigi, Aitz and all the people that helped us for this video.
We bring the rain of today.
We all drown in a sludgy reflection.
The mirror breaks and throws up the awful truth… we are ugly.
All, with the head in our own storm.
All, walking to our own ghost.
Crawling in a blackwater,
Residue of our selfish acts.
Spattering often,
The bleeding faces.
When the Sun smothers the Moon,
When Idols are scared,
There’s always some tears.
Eyes and hands became all red.
We are the carrier of our own curse.
The pain blowers.
For each word, each breath,
There are consequences….always.


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