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This video is a comercial 30". Says about the 46th birthday of Real Vehicles from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. Will be showed on the BAND TV Station/Costa Verde/RJ (2009-09-15)

Real Vehicles Itaguaí Concessionaires Volkswagen

Voice - Rodrigão

Creation, camera, modeling 3D, animation, edition and finalization - Saulo Valley

Realization - Valley Vision Multimedia 2009

In addition:

It told my client to withdraw just the final animation. It asked the front of the enterprise when that shown at the place, which would make the most monotonous video.
For this, I am going to do another alone version for him. Unfortunately it is so. Not always to have a big client means that you can do everything what it imagines...


Ok I will tell to them a short history:

I was inside the show room of Real Vehicles to carve the cars that were used in this commercial. I asked that a panel that was in another environment, which was installed at that place that you saw. After having passed more than the half of the day carving, I reached the last car. After his filming, I called the officials to help to withdraw the SPACEFOX 1.6 2010 and the panel. began to be windy strongly. quickly Strong winds knocked down the panel on top of the car! I ran for stop what was touching the automobile, me them he is composed on 4 parts. (each part needs 2 persons to load) Then the remainder zero turned and crushed the car, in the filming of launch in only 4 PARTS! Do you believe??

My client did not mind. he said that the most important thing is the video to be good!

My heart hurts up to now! Are not we in Hollywood right?


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