Live at Stadtgarten / Cologne / Germany

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone, composition
Michael Heupel - flutes
Nicolao Valiensi - euphonium
Ryan Carniaux - trumpet
Georg Wissel - alto saxophone
Axel Lindner - violin

Saxophonist and composer Norbert Stein's new ensemble offers a myriad of melodies to take off on a journey through many different genres, presenting a brilliant balance between refined arrangements and plenty of freedom for spontaneity and interactivity.

With great playfulness, amusing improvisations. Primal, elementary, moving aspects combine to form a powerful individual statement. An entertaining mix of avant garde and tradition.

Pata Music is full of surprises, it is open to all sorts of influences, it tears down fences of seemingly contradictory idioms, and coming from jazz improvisation, it builds up something new and exciting.

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Video produced by Basa Vujin-Stein


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