Interactive Art


Martina Menegon, Stefano D’Alessio
Live Performance
Duration: 20’
SYNOPSIS / Out of countenance is a dialogue between two faces, deformed and transformed by a
digital process into something strange, obsolete. The facial expressions are exagerated and
amplified, drew in a 3-Dimensional space, bringing the common feeling of expression in a different
and distorted perception. The human face as we know loose its physiognomy, allowing the other
face to overlap, mixing, fusing together and turning into a digital creature, a representation of the
human in the digital era.
SHORT CV / Martina Menegon and Stefano D’Alessio are two italian media artists that live and work in Vienna.
They both gratuaded from Visual and Performing Arts at University IUAV of Venice in 2010. They
currently are students in Brigitte Kowanz Transmedial Art class at the University of Applied Arts in
Vienna. In the past two years they have been working toghether, mainly realizing multimedia and
interactive performances and installations that involve the use of real bodies to investigate the
codification of the “so called real” into its digital representation and deformation.
When they don’t work toghether, Martina Menegon is mainly producing motion graphic video
animations while Stefano D’Alessio concentrate more on the realization of electroacoustic music.
Since 2010 they have been working at the IUAV University of Venice as the assistants for the
courses of Klaus Obermaier, for whom they also work as programmers for his dance performance
The concept of…here and now. Recently they collaborated in the realization of multimedia theatre performances with OHT - Office for a Human Theatre. They also took part in the realization of
the interactive parts of the dance performance Metamorphico by Anagrama Coreografico.

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