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Panorama_Bologna is a living portrait of a city. It’s a portrait made by compressed time, realized with a fixed camera turning in circle as a clock. Piazza Maggiore, the very earth of the town, is populated by every kind of people but between tourists and cleaning workers, we can especially recognize old men, students and immigrants’ families, the only ones who still use the central place as a social meeting point. Among unaware passer-bys there are some who take their time and build up a bigger place for their own figure and attitude, making self-portraits or group portraits as sculptures of time.

direction ZimmerFrei
script Anna Rispoli
photography Antonio Quarta and Cosimo Terlizzi
editing Anna de Manincor
sound Massimo Carozzi
music ZimmerFrei, Vittoria Burattini, Massimo Carozzi, Emidio Clementi, Marco Coppi, Stefano Pilia
post production Davide Pepe
cast Angela Baraldi, Vincenzo Bonaffini, Margherita Isola, Leonardo Mantovani, Davide Savorani, Luca Ghedini, Eva Geatti and many others
Panorama è un autoritratto vivente della città di Bologna da cui emergono uomini e donne che sanno prendersi il Tempo e lo piegano ad altre velocità.
Piazza Maggiore è popolata da figure vibranti e ipersature che abitano una dimensione temporale parallela e rallentata, immersi in uno sciame di sagome che sfilano via.


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