The 3rd story of a series of 7 Living Postcards from Valsugana.
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When the birds start to sing in the early spring they start to grow, like red and green treasures, in the lush gardens of Valsugana. Breathing the mountain air, ever gaining taste and juice, they wait for the right moment to seduce you causing severe joy and fun times together.
Let us tell you about the life of (an) Apple Pie

Every traveler lives the own story
... come to Valsugana
....... because you’ll love yours

StoryTravelers in Valsugana
We believe in the power of telling stories about genuine experiences and emotions one can live in a territory to inspire people. The “actors” are people that live and work in the territory, who we surprised one day with our camera. Like as if it’s heir second nature they played their roles fantastically, just being themselves.

The tourism board of Valsugana luckily agrees with our philosophy and therefore invited StoryTravelers to come and live their territory for two weeks and discover what this beautiful valley has to offer. Our task is to come up with some creative visual interpretations of what we lived to. Now of course it’s the turn of many others to dive into the plenty of joy.


Filmed in Valsugana, Trentino, Italy
: Giorgio Capra | Apple Man | farmer from Valsugana
Nicola Ponchia | Pie Man | baker from Valsugana

A project of Valsugana Tourism
Produced by StoryTravelers:
Edited and Filmed by Caspar Diederik

In collaboration with the following communities of Valsugana: Carzano, Castello Tesino, Pieve Tesino, Roncegno Terme, Ronchi, Samone, Scurelle, Spera, Strigno, Telve, Telve di Sopra, Torcegno.


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