IVRT Interactive Video in Real Time

Aura - An architectural reflection of mood.

Aura is an interactive projection mapping installation that explores our relationship with architecture.

It analyses twitter in real-time for mood related tweets. Aura targets tweets sent within the geolocation it resides. Each tweet is broken down and compared to string arrays containing mood related words. By doing so, Aura can represent the collective mood of a buildings inhabitants.

Bespoke visuals relative to different moods are augmented onto the surface of Aura's physical exterior. They are then mixed autonomously to form a live composition that reflects the buildings current aura.


This is a short video to demonstrate the technical process. In this video the following happens:

1. Processing pulls in the latest tweet within a predetermined geolocation.
2. Every word in the tweet is then compared to 8 different string arrays.
3. If a word is found that matches an array an OSC message is sent to VPT(video projection tools)
which adjusts the layers accordingly.

j vimeo.com/67959832

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