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Recently I participated in a video contest organized by Tottori prefecture.

The contest is called "Iitoko Tottori - Tottori Douga Kontesuto " (Website: iitokotottori.jp/), and its main objective was to promote the best places of Tottori prefecture. As Misasa is in Tottori prefecture, I re-edited my videos into one 3 minutes long work. I also re-used a song from Jenny Mayhem (Seeing Stars), from one of my previous work (which was the base of the new video). The video done, I sent it to the contest.

The contest had two steps.
The first one was a popularity vote on the website during January and February (2013). The vote aimed to choose the 20 most popular videos. I was at 6th position with 147 votes.
Then, the 20 most popular videos have been screened during the contest's film festival on February 24th, and a jury decided one Grand Prize and 5 secondary prices.

Even if it is a small and local contest, I was excited about it and finally lucky enough to win one secondary price. And I am very happy about it ! I was also glad to see my work screened on a theater.

So, I decided to upload my video and share it with everyone.
You can also watch the other winners on the contest's website.
My personal favorite is "Tottori no iitoko mekke", an animation made will little dolls.
It is pretty nice !

Song :
"Seeing Stars" by Jenny Mayhem (jennymayhem.ca)

j vimeo.com/60712801

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