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Every year in May (3rd and 4th), in Misasa, there is the biggest festival of the town called Hanayu Festival. The main event is a giant tug of war called Jinsho. The first day, inhabitants join to make the rope with wisteria for the tug of war on the second day.

I already did a video last year about this festival (vimeo.com/42487036), so you can watch it if you want to know more about. Last year's video focused on the Jinsho, but this year I wanted to introduce in more depth all the steps of the building of the two ropes.

The making of the Jinsho (as well as the tug of war) has been classified by Japanese government as intangible important cultural asset in 2009.

"Quittin' Time" by Patrick Lee (patrickleemusic.com/)

j vimeo.com/67527375

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