"Act of War" explores the randomness and chaos of war as experienced via mediation. On one hand are the words and phrases that attempt to define and give rational to the seemingly irrational barrage of video and sound that exist on the other hand, but the words too turn out to be driven by randomness. The associative link between word and image forces the viewer to order the experience in a unique way. The piece also explores the experience of archival material, memory, and live streaming. Further, the viewer’s live image is overlaid atop the collage of war, forcing a confrontation of the self in the viewing of violence.

"Act of War" is a developing and ongoing piece. It was created with Max/MSP/Jitter. I'm currently working to expand it to a multi-channel installation with more user input/interactivity.

A tremendous thanks to Peter d'Agostino for his guidance and inspiration, Alex Manescu for his technical input, and Hans Tammen of Harvest Works for helping me iron out some of the kinks in Max.

j vimeo.com/67525129

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