Kinect Interaction

Dance Jockey is an interactive audiovisual dance performance where sounds and visuals are controlled by the dancer’s body. The body is tracked by a Kinect camera that acquires data about body actions and transmit the information to a software that manipulates a broad range of parameters.

I created together with Patricia Delgado the visual part of this performance. Patricia was in charge of the visual concept and video footage and I created the system that allows the dancer to interact with the visuals.
The position of the dancer and the movements of her arms are mapped to control different parameters of the visuals, as horizontal/vertical position or opacity and to modulate and  to distort the image.

Dance Jockey has been recently performed in TEDxLuanda ( For more information check []

Dance Jockey team :: Yago de Quay (musician), Laura Ferro (choreographer), Anaísa Lopes (dancer), Rodrigo Guedes (visual artist), Patricia Vidal Delgado (video artist)

Complete video of the performance soon.


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