Kinect Interaction

HyperCell_Interface is part of the on-going research, HyperCell. In this phase, the free-form gesture interface was roughly developed to test the possibility of real-time interaction.

In this post, it mainly focuses on the users and object communication with free form gesture. It's more a experiment and demo to see how people can interact with the object without mouse control we we are used to using.

The basic idea of this phase is to transfer the usual buttons and sliders that we used in computer into a virtual buttons and sliders. It might make users easily to control the object roughly.
1. The distance between hands as a value given to the slider to control the basic dimension and amount of the HyperCell.
2. When people place their hands into certain area, it will function as a button to select the mode, pause or play, and export files.

More info here:
More info for the HyperCell:


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