In a largely sex-negative environment such as mainstream American culture, subcultures offer people "a really cool way to parse out your kinks, parse out things that turn you on," Julia says as she facilitates a discussion about the ways people were introduced to local sex-positive cultures. "What's really interesting," she says, "is the community that forms around that and being able to find friends, find lovers through that."

"Coming into Rocky, I connected with a lot of, A, nerdy people and, B, very sex-positive people. It's something I didn't really have growing up in a very Catholic community, Catholic school, the works. It was both a liberating experience and an educational experience. […] It's opened up so many doors. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Rocky," says one participant.

"Doctor Who totally feeds my kink and it's been informing my kink since I was 7," another participant says.

So, what introduced you to sex-positivity?

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