The Kitesurf Group

Maurício Pedreira having fun during his trip to compete in the KSP One Eye Pro 2012 in Mauritius . Not everything in life is competition ...., in the end what really matter is to have fun ! Surf , windsurf , kitesurf , friends and Reggae in Paradise ! Thanks one more time Mauritius!!!!
Pedreira curtindo o Paraiso chamado Ilhas Maurício durante sua viagem para competir na 2a etapa de 2012 do Mundial de kitesurf, o KSP . Surf , wind, kite , amigos e Reggae no Paraíso . Obrigado Mauritius!!!

Edição : Nosgusta Filmz - Local Reggae Music by Matrix * sound track 2 : by glitch the mob "beyond monday" - Photo cover by Lena Bam


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