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I never thought I was ever going to see D'Angelo perform live apart from old youtube clips. But in the last half a year I've seen him twice in Copenhagen @ Vega + for some almighty reason I got in for free both times. the first time, in January I think, I was honored to shake hands w Chris Dave the masterdrummer. I had to remix this D'Angelo classic to pay my respects to an artist I've been so deeply influenced by. I always have Voodoo close to me. Actually its funny... Growing up church I sometimes brought some music to play on the discman or the stereo there or whatever, and one time there was some people who saw the Voodoo cover and wow we had a discussion. LOL. Told me this music wasnt good for me or something. Well well, life... We live & we learn. :)

Remember to support the original creators of this legendary tune. D'Angelo & Ali Shaheed Muhammed.

Peace & Love.

All vocals by D'Angelo
Produced & mixed by Kriswontwo
Additional keys by Doc Skim
Mastered by Thor Madsen
Photography by Jesper Skoubølling


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