The loop version is presented online here:
This is a video made in collaboration with §vonica (Sonia Laura Armaniaco), together we appear as "The Flying Sisters", and •••>

All started from here: 'HearteartH' ... of course the connection is clear between the two words as interlocking, it is like an anagram projecting a spell from where we cannot escape - Heart and Earth affect each other - HeartEarth is a work in progress as the theme is infinite, and as the sign of infinite '∞' suggests: the 'loop' is going, H is at beginning and end, and it sounds as a Breath ... reaching for corrections and adjustments, like scissors cut and paste simultaneously, in an almost paradoxical action - ... meanwhile Water is there ... Life is there, infinitely ...

technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 5'00" in loop
year: 2013
© the flying sisters

The flying sisters are §vonica (Sonia Laura Armaniaco) and maria felix (Maria Korporal).
*HEARTEARTH* is their first collaboration.

Sonia LA is an audiovisual artist who sometime lives and work in Italy, otherwise where her laptop brings her. She has shown her works worldwide since 1985, since then her art research was on visual and sound, with installation, multidisciplinary live performance and video art - her latest works on video could be found at:

Maria Korporal was born 1962 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. She studied at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. After her studies, in 1986, she moved to Italy. Since 2014 she has lived and worked in Berlin. The artistic production of Maria Korporal includes video art, digital imaging and installations. During the last years she has worked almost exclusively with video art. Besides she is active as web- and graphic designer. Her website:


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