Vlieland is a small island in the dutch Wadden Sea and one of the West Frisian Islands. There is only one small town, Oost-Vlieland with a harbour and there are only a few cars on the island. Most parts of the island are pure nature, presenting all aspects of the North Sea: Tidal mud flats, beach, dunes, heath , moor and Pine forest, numerous sea birds breed and rest on the island and you find various ferns, mosses and bushes and flowers blooming even in late August.
I came across the Island just by chance and spent there 2 days in late August doing some timelaps shooting of the tides. Although i lost one camera in the high tide and another one broken on the rocks and although some shots suffer from the heavy wind and technical problems, i enjoyed this trip.
I really fell in love with this peaceful spot and wanted to preserve some of its atmosphere in this little movie.
Lanterns on the lake`s “Not going back to the harbour” sounds to me like the perfect soundtrack to this trip.
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